Stephanie M. Carter is a mid-western girl who was transplanted in Georgia. Stephanie is an ordained minister, author, mom, certified forgiveness coach with Forgiving Forward Ministries, empowerment life coach and Christian lay counsellor. She holds several certificates of counselling in Old Testatment history, Biblical counselling and Advanced Biblical counselling, & Marriage and family studies. She holds a doctorate in theology from Christian Life School of Ministry Global. She is a certified women's life coach with American Association of Christian Counselors.

Stephanie is the author of four books on Amazon - Tomorrow is Not Promised: A Personal Journey of Total Submission to Holy Spirit. The MANual: Raising Sons in a Fatherless Society. Quiet Conversations: Hearing the Voice of God Daily & Grace To Live Coaching Program.

Stephanie is a highly passionate woman about helping other women who are hurting and broken. She is a woman living her purpose with excellence and integrity and a strong stance against compromise in the body of Christ. She is a bible teacher who has led many women’s small groups and prayer groups. She has an active ministry as a Christian lay counsellor and empowerment life coach. She is also a regular devotional writer at

Stephanie has two sons and two dogs she loves very much. She is the founder of the ministry Grace to Live.

You can visit her website and sign up for her bi-weekly newsletter called Tapestry at Her email is [email protected].

You can find her books on Amazon at her author page